Lab of Data pharmacognosy

Natural Products & AI Research for Drug Discovery from Nature



Welcome Seung Hyun!!!

Our new member, Seung Hyun joined our lab :) She has worked on soil bacteria research during undergraduate. Her experience would be a great help to discover various natural products from soil. Welcome!


Our lab joined the 2023 Spring International Convention

of The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea in Gyeong-ju!!

It was a super-cool conference to communicate with extraordinary researchers from various pharmaceutical reserach fields!!


Our lab was awarded the outstanding young scientist grant!!

National Research Foundation of Korea will support our research titled
"Target-based natural product discovery from Korean indigenous natural products using A.I. and metabolomics" for next five years! Congrats!!


Here comes a new member!! Welcome Ji In!

Our new member, Ji In joined our lab :) She has worked on quality control of drugs using ICP-MS system before. Welcome!


Two intruments have been set up!!

HPLC and MPLC have been set up in our laboratory!
These intruments will guide us from the complexity of natural products!

2022.11.03. - 04.

Our group attended the 53rd KSP annual meeting!

Myung Ji and Kyu Hyeong gave poster presentation about
"A new cyclohexenone ester from Idesia polycarpa".
Great job!


Several cyanobacteria species have been provided!

Those tropical cyanobacteria are being cultured in our lab!

Hopefully, they are growing well and producing lots of bioactive metabolites!


Visiting the medicinal plant garden with undergraduates!

Our lab members and the undergraduates of Dongguk University visited the medicinal herb garden of Seoul National University for the field practice!

Hundreds of medicinal plants welcomed us :)


Kyu Hyeong & Myeong Ji joined our lab together!

Two fascinating researchers, Kyu Hyeong and Myeong Ji came and joined the Kim laboratory from this August. Welcome!!


Prof. Dr. Kim attended the ASP 2022 meeting as a contributed speaker.

Hyunwoo joined the meeting and introduced the DeepSAT, a convolutional neural network-based structure annotation tool.


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system is now available!!

HPLC system equipped with auto-injector and fraction collector has been set up in our laboratory! This system allows us to isolate and purify the natural products! 


Congratulations! Our lab was awarded "Basic Science Research Program" grant funding!!

National Research Foundation of Korea will support our research titled "Facilitating The Discovery of Bioactive Natural Products Using Convolutional Neural Network and Molecular Networking Analysis".


Congratulations! Our lab has joined the IMRCTR project!

The IMRCTR (Innovative Medicine Research Center for Tumor Remission) has worked on the discovery of novel regulator for cancer therapy!

Our lab will contribute this project by finding novel natural products and developing virtual screening tools for anti-cancer drug discovery.


Hello world!!!

Our lab opened at College of Pharmacy, Dongguk University, Goyang, Korea