Data-Driven Natural Products Discovery and Repositioning 

Tons of data have been acquired and deposited from spectroscopy (NMR, MS), bioactivity screening, or traditional knowledge of natural products. Our research group has tried to analyse those huge and complex data using omics- and AI-based approaches to find valuable natural products from nature.

Bioactive Small Molecule Discovery from Cyanobacteria and Medicinal Plants

Cyanobacteria used to be called ‘blue green algae’ producing various unique and bioactive secondary metabolites. Our research group focuses on this novel organism as well as traditional medicinal plants to find bioactive small molecules. 

Deep learning application in Natural products research 

Chemo- and Biodiversity of nature are great sources of drug leads and chemical entities for drug development. However, discovering lead compounds from natural products consumes lots of resources for the extraction, separation, isolation, purification, structure-elucidation, and bioactivity test processes. Our research group has made an effort to overcome those challenges and facilitate the natural product research using deep neural network-based approach.